Call for Identification of Investors
For Completion Of The Marvdasht Wastewater Treatment And Collection System Through Buyback Contract

According to Article 214 of the fifth development plan, Article 2 of the law on establishment of water and wastewater companies approved in 1990 and article 27 of the Law for annexation of some articles to the law on drafting part of the government’s financial regulations (2), the Fars Water and Wastewater company intends to concede the completion of a section of the wastewater collection and treatment system in Marvdasht against the allocation of the determined volume of treated effluent for specific use for a limited and predetermined period through Buyback contract according to the following conditions to a qualified investor.
A- Brief description of the project:
- Subject: completion of the wastewater and collection system in Marvdasht, including: Connections, Collection Network, Transmission Line, and Treatment Plant.
- Operation of the wastewater and collection system during the concession period
- providing the extra required investment to complete the wastewater and collection systems in other cities of Fars Province.
- Concessioner: Fars Water and Wastewater Company
- Consultant:  ToosAb Consulting Eng.
- Construction period: 3 years
- Capacity: 38,200 m3 per day
- Commercial operation period: Financial model to be submitted (Maximum 15 years)
- Treatment efficiency: 90%
- Population coverage: 235,800 people (2026)
- Project site: Marvdasht
B- General conditions for investment:
- The investor must be a real or legal entity in possession of acceptable management experience to ensure and allocate the required investment.
- Date, deadline and address to collect the qualification documents: Qualified investors may submit their letter of intent for investment in the plan and collect the qualification documents from 2017/12/20 until the end of office hours on 2018/01/10 from: Fars Water and Wastewater Company: Bureau for Mobilization of Funds and Development of Public - Private Partnership
- Address and deadline for submission of the required documents: The completed evaluation forms should be submitted at 12:00 on Saturday dated 2018/02/03 to: Secretariat of Fars Water and Wastewater Company
- Following the review of the evaluation documents submitted by the interested parties, the qualified investors shall be invited for contract negotiations.
- The concessioner has the right to accept or reject the technical or financial proposals of the investors at any stage of the proceedings
Interested Consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 8:00 to 14:00 hours (local time)
Fars Water and Wastewater Company (FWWC)
Contact: Abbas Dehghan,
Address: Ghodosi Gharbi BLV, Motahari Square, Shiraz –Iran
Phone:+98 71 38435167
Fax:+98 71 38435162
Email: pmu(at)

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