Fars province Water & Wastewater Company was established in July 1991 in accordance with amendment of urban Water & wastewater Companies’ incorporation that was authorized by legislation of Islamic republic of Iran to control the previous water organizations.
The ex water organization of Shiraz was established in 1943 based on endowment bargain of Hajj Mohammad Nemazi.
The incumbent of this organization based on decisions of Fars province governorship ( Ostandary) entrusted to waterworks organization ( Sazmane Abb) but the asset & facilities belonged to endowment organization ( Oghaf).
In April 1990 toward the command of deputy minister of energy a company under the name of shiraz Water & Wastewater stock company have been established instead of the ex water organization but later on by establishment of Fars Water& Wastewater Company the Water & Wastewater Stock Company have been dissolved.
Water & Wastewater Company in the first step within one year covered over 15 cities of province which previously were act a part of municipalities. Presently the number of under service cities is 80. It is worthy to consider that Shiraz Water & Wastewater Company have been separated in March 1998 as an independent company from Fars province Water & Wastewater Company.